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sexta-feira, 2 de março de 2012

Meanwhile in Greece II. Listen to what greeks have to say. The comment of Athanasios,

I am new to this group and I can not resist making a comment to this post.
The way I see it is that the so called "conspiracy theories" of the previous decades are now taking flesh and bones in front of us!!
I will not comment on the economy crisis which is known to everybody and it is Global but in its worst over here in Greece.
Excuse me you Germans (I have nothing against the people) but what I see is an EU which is dictated by one country (Germany) and their best friend (France) and the 2 of them are saying to the rest of Europe what to do!!!!
European Union started with certain members with equal rights and strength of speech but now it smells DICTATORSHIP!!
As for the Greek crooked politicians... THEY ARE CROOKED!!
But.... who bribes them? who is supporting them? who is giving them money (even now) in order to make easy their plans?
Since 1950s....... DEUTSCHE BANK, SIEMENS and GERMAN WEAPONS INDUSTRY (among other big powers).
And the question is.... who is more guilty.... the junky or the dealer?
I have also a question... how is it possible a bank (DEUTSCHE) that supported a country that started and lost 2 world wars (dont tell me it is history, many people that experienced the 2nd world war are still alive) and also the industry called SIEMENS that supported in weapons the same country that started 2 world wars and the same countrys Military industry that obviously started 2 world wars and lost them are still not only existing but never stopped not only functioning but ruling countries like Greece and the last decades Europe itself!!!!
Is that a conspiracy theory? Since we are facing the facts it is not a theory anymore but ....a fact, the reality I am afraid!
Also Me personally (and there are many Greeks like me) I do not accept from any German to tell me what to do, how to live and comments on what I am!!!!!!!
Another fact... the fact that when Hitler occupied Greece took all the treasury money and forced also Greece to give him a loan of 3.5 billion USD (equivalent now to around 250 billion USD) combined with the fact of the destructions that Germany caused to my country and according to International court oughts to pay for (and you guessed right it never did) does not give them the right to talk not even mention not even think of Greece!!!! The total amount of the above is way more than what Greece has to pay.
So Germans should not complaint and not have the right to do so, about what they give for Greece... instead they should be ashamed and give what they owe and leave us alone!!
In fact... we dont want the money just to leave us alone.... a person without ashame, without ethics and without sense of justice is a common thieve, a common crook!!
The same applies in bigger extend to countries!
Who said that we want them? who said that we want a "BIG BROTHER"?
Are the Greeks lazy? are they Zorba style? Going slow? Having a mess in their bureaucracy? Many public servants? Spent a lot?
YES!! But I live here and I am Greek and I have the right to comment on that!!
The thieves, the killers, the dealers DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT!!!
I want to repeat that I have nothing against the common people, German or any other nationality but equally I do not allow them to speak with impropriate words for the Greeks and our country.
Do not expect this attitude from Greek politicians they are employees of the global MAFIA syndicate therefore MAFIA themselves.
I believe, that Greece is just the experiment, it just happened to be the weakest part of the chain... after this weakest part there is going to be another weakest part and another and another and another of our global chain...
Posted by Athanasios Papadopoulos

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  1. Comment from a greek friend:
    "Well..that is a HUGE T-shirt..!!
    I could not describe it any better, of course.
    He really speaks for every Greek..
    His comment is very complete and accurate..!!
    And comes straight from the heart..!!
    Well done..Athanasi..!! :))"