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quarta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2012

Financial Times' article about Lisbon

White lights, big city

An increase in tourism has improved prospects for investors and buyers of second homes in Lisbon
Lisbon’s Bairro Alto, with a view of the Castelo de São Jorge in the distance©4corners
Lisbon’s Bairro Alto, with a view of the Castelo de São Jorge in the distance
Lisbon is known as the “white city” because of its clear, intense light, but the Portuguese capital, a patchwork of red roofs, historic buildings and secret gardens, is also a colourful place. Its position halfway down the estuary of the river Tagus, with a waterfront of about 20 miles, coupled with its cultural heritage, has long attracted visitors. But tourism has risen significantly in recent years – up 10 per cent in 2010 and 8 per cent in 2011 – improving the city’s holiday and long-term rental markets, which is good news for investors.
Frederico Mendoça of Abacus, a Savills’ associate, says he is mainly selling property to buyers from Germany, Holland, Brazil and a few from the UK. “The Angolans too are buying top-end properties or apartments in the best new developments, purely for investment. They might use the property for a few weeks a year but they are buying really because they want somewhere safe to put their money,” he says. There may be concerns over the ongoing eurozone crisis, but Europe’s historic capitals still hold an allure, and Angolans are drawn to Lisbon in particular because of the shared language. In general, overseas investors have shown a preference for apartments in new developments in good locations or, to a lesser extent, older apartments and houses that have been refurbished to a high level.


IN House & Home

The agency is marketing Palácio Condes de Murça, a development of 24 apartments in the upmarket Lapa district, home to embassies, townhouses and boutique hotels. The old palace, on one side of the communal gardens, is being totally refurbished; on the other side of the gardens, a new building is being constructed. Here prices range from €400,000 to €1.75m for the one- to six-bedroom apartments.
In Avenidas Novas, in the centre of Lisbon, Mendoça is selling Fontana Living, a development of seven five-bedroom apartments, all of which are 340 square metres. Prices range from €1.1m to €1.5m. In the same area, three-bedroom apartments at a new development called Saldanha 25 are for sale from between €900,000 and €1.5m.
Manuel Neto of Engel & Völkers says he has seen more demand for investment property in the past three months than at the beginning of the year. “We have had enquiries coming from Russia and northern Europe – France and Belgium in particular. Vendors are more open to making deals, but values in good central locations such as Chiado, Principe Real and Lapa are holding up, especially for a quality property with a view and a terrace,” he says. The Lapa district is popular with the French because it is easy to reach the French School in Amoreiras from there. “The French typically buy a four-bedroom house with a little garden for between €1m and €2m,” says Neto. He is selling two large three- and four-bedroom apartments in the converted former British ambassador’s residence in Lapa for €1.6m and €3.2m respectively.
Museums and art galleries are plentiful. The best shops are around Rua Augusta, but for people-watching you need to go to the Chiado district, frequented by artists and intellectuals. Alfama, near the castle, is a more traditional area, and Bairro Alto, reached by climbing the steep hill or taking the funicular, has the best night life.
“Alfama and Bairro Alto are two of the best places in which to buy property,” says Paulo Sardinheiro of Winkworth International. “They have been tidied up, many of the buildings repaired and improved, and many of our overseas buyers want to live there. However, there is still work to be done and improvements to be made so there is still growth to be seen.”
Property in the top residential areas of Lisbon is not cheap, although prices have been pretty flat over the past few years. A two-bedroom apartment in the city centre costs about €400,000 and a large four- to five-bedroom penthouse in a newly renovated period building about €3.5m. Some properties have seen a drop in value of up to 25 per cent. “However, those that are in the best condition and in good, historic areas have only seen a small reduction in price,” says Sardinheiro. He is selling a four-storey house in Estréla – just to the west of Bairro Alto. The property has seven bedrooms and a garden, and is on the market for €4m.
A contemporary house in Estréla
A contemporary house in Estréla for €2.3m
Meanwhile, Engel & Völkers is selling a contemporary 1,200 sq m house, also in Estréla, built in concrete and glass and designed by architects Bak Gordon. The design won the FAD award for architecture in 2011. With four bedrooms, six bathrooms, swimming pool, gardens and parking for four cars, it is for sale for €2.3m.
Andrew Hawkins, head of international at Chesterton Humberts, says there is a growing demand among second-home owners for apartments in Lisbon. “This market has steadily grown over the past five years. As well as being a second-home hotspot among European buyers, the city is becoming increasingly popular with UK buyers as a result of increased accessibility,” he says. TAP Portugal has improved its service from the UK and from Sunday will be running daily flights from Manchester to Lisbon.
Hawkins is marketing Santa Catarina in the Bairro Alto district, 19 one- to five-bedroom apartments in the converted 17th-century Palácio Mesquitela, with communal garden and swimming pool. “With the buy-to-let market growing fast, a property in this building would make a solid investment as well as a beautiful destination for a second home,” he says. Prices range from €450,000 to €1.2m.
“The city has an amazing atmosphere, but there are still many streets with very old buildings that need much work doing to them,” says Sardinheiro.
• Flights from many destinations
• Good value for money
• Good rental yields
• Old buildings that need renovation
• Properties are expensive in prime residential areas
• Many more apartments for sale than houses
What you can buy for ...
€100,000 A small modern one-bedroom flat in Bairro Lopes
€1m A three-bedroom flat overlooking the marina in Parque das Nações

terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Cascais is a Smart City

As Cidades do Futuro em debate

As Cascais Conference Series estão de volta ao Estoril, de 28 a 30 de Novembro de 2012.
A conferência Energy for Smart Cities é a 2ª edição de uma série iniciada em 2010 pela Fundação Cascais com o apoio da Câmara Municipal de Cascais, criada para analisar a energia e as repercussões do seu uso na gestão das cidades do futuro. Esta iniciativa conta com o Professor Eduardo Oliveira como Chairman e pretende criar um movimento de interacção, troca de experiências e suporte entre todos os parceiros de energia, municípios, organizações e cidadãos, com o objectivo de facilitar às Cidades o cumprimento de um novo papel: o de gerir energia melhorando a vida dos cidadãos. Em Novembro vamos reunir reputados especialistas e oradores nacionais e internacionais em Cascais para debater: Mobilidade, energia, meio-ambiente, arquitectura sustentável, entre outros.

Datas: 28 a 30 de Novembro
Local: Centro de Congressos do Estoril
Consulte aqui o programa:

But, in Portugal , we are safe :)

@[209600022449498:274:LISBOA Live] -  29 - 10 - 2012

Globalization: My e-mail doesn't work because of the Hurricane Sandy

Well, I cannot work because my e-mail server is hosted in the US. So, because of the storm Sandy, it doesn't work. Sign of the times :(

A Tempestade Sandy chegou a Nova Iorque!

sexta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2012

Sol e mar: ainda é esta a imagem mais associada a Portugal como destino turístico

Sol e mar: ainda é esta a imagem mais associada a Portugal como destino turístico. Os agentes internacionais do sector aconselham, porém, uma aposta comunicativa nas valências culturais e na boa relação qualidade/preço.
Convidado a avaliar, numa escala de zero a dez, a qualidade de dez produtos turísticos portugueses, um painel composto por 115 membros afiliados da Organização Mundial do Turismo atribuiu a nota mais elevada (8,22) à categoria Gastronomia e Vinho.

Natureza, escapadinhas urbanas (“city breaks”), sol e mar, e golfe completam o ranking dos produtos mais valorizados, enquanto “negócios” é a categoria com pior nota (6,41).

Sendo aqueles percepcionados com mais qualidade, o vinho (7%) e a gastronomia (4%) aparecem, porém, apenas na sexta e sétima posição na lista dos produtos associados a Portugal como destino turístico. O clima e as praias (37%) e a Cultura (13%) foram os mais referidos no barómetro internacional “The Image of Portuguese Tourism”, divulgado na quinta-feira em Gaia.

Efeito da crise divide operadores

O estudo desenvolvido pelo Instituto de Planeamento e Desenvolvimento do Turismo (IPDT) em 30 países mostra ainda que 66% dos inquiridos dão a Portugal uma nota igual ou superior a 8 enquanto destino de férias, embora não estejam deslumbrados com as campanhas promocionais portuguesas nos mercados internacionais.

Já questionados sobre o eventual impacto da actual crise económica na imagem externa do País como destino turístico, os representantes do sector mostraram-se divididos: 45% respondem que afecta negativamente, os restantes 55% rejeitam esse efeito nos visitantes estrangeiros.

Adoro tomar o pequeno almoço em Seteais!

Sexta-feira, 26 de Outubro de 2012

Revisitar Seteais !

25.10.2012 - Por Fora de Série, às 14:53

Neste Inverno, se for visitar Sintra, aproveite para dar um saltinho ao Palácio de Seteais e para provar um tradicional Lanche à Portuguesa, servido pelo restaurante do Tivoli Palácio de Seteais. O Chef Luís Baena, que ajudou a desenvolver esta ideia, afirma que quis recuperar uma tradição portuguesa e homenagear o papel que D. Catarina de Bragança teve na exportação da ideia do chá e dos doces que o acompanham. O menu inclui chás, bolos caseiros, sanduíches, torradas, compotas, pratos de queijo e charcutarias. O recuperado Palácio de Seteais, por onde passou Carlos da Maia, n’Os Maias, de Eça de Queirós, serve de cenário ideal para se deliciar com um Lanche à Portuguesa. CLM

quinta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2012

Adaptar as praias - Economia - DN

Adaptar as praias - Economia - DN

"Há muitas praias que não estão bem adaptadas, e se estivessem seria uma boa forma de podermos usar a nossa costa, que tem cada vez mais adeptos." Diz ser importante criar eventos desportivos e infraestruturas nas praias para receber quem as frequenta. Como bodyboarder, vê no mar um desafio e recorda o Circuito Mundial no Havai, em que participou e provou que as mulheres têm garra para descer ondas enormes.

terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

Chris and Jenny will choose Portugal to live. Watch the interview!

Live here buy this - Portugal Property Published on 19 Oct, 2012 by Keely Capel

Live here buy this - Portugal Property
"I could sunbathe here all day long!"
See our operations director David Rowat showing Jenny & Chris around the sunny shores of Portugal & Lagos... 

Video Transcription

Dave: Chris and Jenny are the life of the party.
Chris: Want these ones? We are definitely party people.
Jenny: We are definitely... definitely party people.
Chris:  As long as there' some atmosphere of having to jam – we're there.
Jenny: We're there.
Dave: Think they like dressing like this?
Jenny: No.
Dave: They'd love to move to Portugal, the Florida Keys or the South of France, and we're going to show them that they can afford it.
Chris: I think our favor would be...
Jenny: No!
Chris: Why?
Jenny: We could walk to the beach. Really, Chris, come on. Think about it.
Dave:  Can they get their dream for $650,000?
Jenny:  I just don't get that burst of energy when I'm there.
Shantelle: Ever fantasize about selling your house and moving to your dream location?
Dave:  We're three globe-trotting guides who will show you that you can afford to live in paradise.
Vivianne: Would you be tempted to live here?
Shantelle: To live here?
Dave: To live here?
Vivianne: And buy this?
Dave: Fun-loving couple, Jenny and Chris, are finding the party atmosphere's lacking on their quiet cul-de-sac.
Chris: I would say life's too predictable over here.
Jenny: Same routine every day – so mundane, and there's nothing to do.
Chris: I think got the “winter blues.”
Dave: Home is a beautiful three-bedroom, two-bath, 2,700 square foot house in suburban Toronto, valued at a cool $650,000. They might be lacking in excitement, but it's a trade-off for all that style and space.
Jenny: Chris and I were thinking about doing something a little formal, so having... We are definitely...
Chris: We are definitely party people.
Jenny: Definitely party people, yeah. We're usually the ones throwing the function, basically what it comes down to, but...
Chris: Right.
Jenny ... as much as we love our family and friends, I'm just sick and tired of the “same old” around here.
Dave: If these two could trade in the “same old” for something new, what would be on their wish list?
Jenny: We do like to enjoy the latest restaurant, we love eating, we love drinking. I just want something easy-breezy. I want to be able to wear my flip-flops for dinner...
Chris: Casual lifestyle.
Jenny: Definitely. Having a space that we can entertain is very important for us. [00:02:00] As long as there's good flow to the room, I'm happy.
Chris: Small or big – it doesn't matter. As long as there's some atmosphere of having to jam, we're there.
Jenny: You're there? We would definitely want to pick up and just go somewhere warm where we don't have to wear winter coats and shovel...
Chris: Hot. Not warm, hot. Give us a beach, a cocktail and I'd say we're both happy.
Jenny: We're good.
Chris: Good to go.
Dave: Sounds like they know exactly what they want, and they know where they'll find it, too.
Jenny: I would love to live in Portugal. I enjoy the food, I enjoy the people. What more can you ask for?
Chris: Ah, sweetheart. There's times where I do fantasize of the Florida Keys. It's got everything we're looking for.
Jenny: I've dreamed about the South of France – the lifestyle, the people, soaking up the sun, the restaurants, all the great food. The French have this “Joie de vivre” that I would love to be a part of.
Chris and Jenny: Oui-oui.
Dave: Jenny and Chris would trade their home for one that's the same price if it were close to a beach and nightlife, had a casual vibe, and room for entertaining.
In this episode, two of our globe-trotting guides, Shantelle and Vivianne, will show them what the value of their house can buy in their fantasy locations. Up first – the sunny shores of Southern Portugal.
Chris: Portugal.
Jenny: Cool. My “motherland.”
Chris: Let's see what we have.
Jenny: I love that.
Chris: That's the beach I'm looking for.
Shantelle: This is Lagos, the seaside town that people dream about, so it's the perfect place to just kick back and relax. You can party all night long, and then just lounge out here on the beach by day. Come on... you know you can get used to this.
Chris: You know, we can.
Shantelle: It's hard to believe that this quiet neighborhood is just a cobblestone's throw away from the city center, and with help from local realtor David Rowat, we're going to be able to see two of the towns best deals.
Dave: This townhouse is larger than Chris and Jenny's place, but to get all this space, they'll have to compromise and be a little farther away from the heart of the action in town.
Jenny: That's a big house.
David Rowat: See what I mean about the villa? Huge huh? [00:04:00] Look at this space.
Shantelle: Oh, now you have tons of space to entertain family and friends in here. This is great.
Jenny: I like it – I just don't love it, but I mean...
Chris: It needs your touch.
Jenny: It does.
David Rowat: Look, we're in a bit of the countryside.
Shantelle: Gorgeous. You really feel like you're secluded in this area.
David Rowat: Wow, huh? Look at the size of the kitchen.
Shantelle: Oh, this is really lovely.
Chris: The kitchen looks like it's been updated.
Jenny: Yeah, it's nice. I like it. Kind of reminds us of home.
David Rowat: Let's go and look at the terrace.
Shantelle: OK, sure. Oh, this is nice out here. It's fabulous.
Jenny: I like how there is an outside eating option close to the kitchen.
Dave: When relaxing on the patio becomes too much of a good thing, the buzz of Lagos is a quick drive away.
Shantelle: What?
David Rowat: What do you think? It's fantastic.
Shantelle:  It's fantastic.
David Rowat: Look at the private terrace.
Shantelle:  Gorgeous, and this is like a wall of window.
Jenny: The view is great.
Chris: Can you see yourself there, reading...?
Jenny: I could... you know.
Chris: … a little book there, right?
Jenny: I could see myself there.
David Rowat: You really get a good idea of where you are. You've got the sea, the beach, and then the marina's just a few minutes walk as well.
Chris: When I think of living in Europe, that's kind of the fantasy I picture – something like this.
Shantelle:  Oh wow!
David Rowat: Yeah?
Shantelle:  Look at this. This is like a retreat out here.
David Rowat: It's wonderful, huh?
Shantelle:  I'd love the lifestyle here.
Porto de Mós is a quiet getaway along the coast, just minutes from the city. The rugged cliffs make for a beautiful backdrop, but it's actually the gorgeous beaches nearby, and the affordable properties that make people want to move here.
Dave: This next property is the same size as Jenny and Chris's house. They'll be sacrificing the space of the country house they just saw, but the resort lifestyle might be worth downsizing for.
Shantelle: This is beautiful. Very nice.
David Rowat: We come now into the lounge area, which benefits from the sunshine all day long.
Jenny: Great balcony outside there so your friends can come in and out.
David Rowat: The good thing here is the location, because you're just two minutes away from the beach, two minutes away from the town, and on-site, we've got everything. Here we have the kitchen.
Shantelle:  This is cute.
David Rowat: Yeah, it's nice.
Dave: OK, this kitchen's tiny compared to Jenny and Chris's kitchen at home, but here's the trade-off – two terraces on two levels. This home's draw is all about the casual outdoor lifestyle.
David Rowat: As you can see the football pitch there, which has regular events on with people playing football.
Shantelle:   You mean the soccer field, right?
David Rowat: Yeah, soccer. Yeah.
Shantelle:   That's what we call it.
Jenny: Mateo can play soccer.
Chris: So he goes from hockey here, to playing soccer in Europe.
Jenny: That's great.
David Rowat: Shantelle, this is the quite large size for a second bedroom.
Shantelle:  That is a great size.
David Rowat: Here's the master bedroom.
Shantelle:  This view – this is exactly what I love about this property.
David Rowat: It's fantastic.
Jenny: It's great. You're waking up in the morning and that's what you're going to see every day. Can't go wrong.
David Rowat: Right outside at last. Look at the size of the terrace.
Shantelle:  Oh wow. It's huge out here.
Chris: What I like about it is it seems like a lot of space to entertain outside.
David Rowat: You know what's absolutely unique about this resort? The swimming pool has it's own beach area.
Shantelle:  No way.
David Rowat: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nothing else like it in Portugal.
Shantelle:  That's very cool.
David Rowat: It's fantastic for the really young children, you know?
Shantelle:  Yeah. I have to do it. I have to do it. Oh, it's amazing.
Chris: I want to put my feet in there, too.
Dave: It may not be a conventional beach, but it's won Jenny and Chris over.
Shantelle:  I would just sunbathe here all day long, with a martini in one hand.
David Rowat: Let me go and get you one.
Shantelle:  Oh good, you make drinks too.
Dave: In Lagos, Jenny and Chris can get a lot for the price of their $650,000 home. Will they go for the spacious villa that's a little further from the action, or the smaller resort-style townhouse?
Chris: It would have to be the villa with the pool.
Jenny: Yes, buddy! We could entertain really easily there. It was huge, actually. Beyond spacious, but I cannot believe that we actually chose the same thing. I knew I married you for a reason. - property for sale in Portugal with Portugal's largest real estate agency - If you love Portugal you will love Portugal Property. Contact the team via email at: or call free now on +44 (0) 800 014 8201

segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

Protesto junta uma centena de estivadores no Estoril - Portugal - DN

Protesto junta uma centena de estivadores no Estoril - Portugal - DN

Todos para o Estoril. Mesmo que seja para uma manifestaçao.

Começar a preparar a receçao a Angela Merkel

Autarca de Cascais quer fazer filme para alemães em colaboração com Marcelo

A ideia era divulgado o vídeo na Alemanha por altura da visita da chanceler Angela Merkel a Lisboa, em Novembro. 
O presidente da Câmara de Cascais, responsável pelo vídeo "O que a Finlândia deve saber sobre Portugal", disse ter enviado uma mensagem a Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa disponibilizando-se para produzir outro filme, agora destinado aos alemães.

Carlos Carreiras reagia à sugestão do Professor, que, no seu comentário habitual de domingo na TVI, propôs a realização de um filme sobre Portugal, à semelhança do que foi feito para os finlandeses, para ser divulgado na Alemanha por altura da visita da chanceler Angela Merkel a Lisboa, em Novembro.

"Foi com agrado que ouvi o professor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa lembrar-se do vídeo que na altura a Câmara Municipal de Cascais lançou, aquando das conferências do Brasil, e estou a enviar-lhe um SMS a dizer que temos todo o interesse em continuar a colaborar", disse Carlos Carreiras à agência Lusa.

Embora admita ser cedo para definir uma mensagem principal a passar aos alemães, o autarca afirmou que a ideia "passará sempre pela afirmação de Portugal no mundo, por aquilo que Portugal pode fazer para ajudar a Europa a reinventar-se".

"Acredito que, com a genialidade do professor Marcelo, este vídeo sairá ainda melhor e terá um efeito ainda mais positivo do que o vídeo da Finlândia", sublinhou.

O filme dedicado à Finlândia, amplamente divulgado no Verão do ano passado através das redes sociais, salientava as glórias portuguesas e recordava a ajuda à Finlândia em 1940.

terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2012

David Hasselhoff visiting Cascais. We will see that in the new movie - dn - DN

David Hasselhoff visited Cascais for profesional reasons. Will it be the shooting of a movie?
David Hasselhoff anda a passear em Cascais - dn - DN

O Mitch da famosa série 'Marés Vivas' está em Portugal. O ator passeou-se pelas ruas de Cascais e a sua presença não passou despercebida... nem sequer ao autarca da localidade, Carlos Carreiras.
"O Justiceiro está em Cascais! Praias lindas! Olá a todos os meus fãs portugueses!". Através do Twitter, David Hasselhoff elogiou as paisagens da vila dos arredores de Lisboa e anunciou a sua chegada ao nosso país.
De visita a Portugal por motivos profissionais, o ator de 60 anos revelou também na rede social uma imagem da namorada, Hayley Roberts, que também o acompanha nesta visita, a fazer praia num areal da zona de Cascais.
Cara conhecida de todos os portugueses, que nos anos 80 e 90 vibraram com as séries O Justiceiro e Marés Vivas, Hasselhoff não tem passado despercebido e até o presidente da câmara de Cascais, Carlos Carreiras, fez questão de partilhar na sua página de Facebook uma imagem do conhecido ator.

David Hasselhoff anda a passear em Cascais - dn - DN

David Hasselhoff anda a passear em Cascais - dn - DN

segunda-feira, 15 de outubro de 2012

Ranking das escolas 2012 ( Secundario) - Salesianos do Estoril em 8º

Ranking 2012 : Secundario + de 50 provas - (608 escolas)

8º Salesianos do Estoril
20º Colegio Maristas de Carcavelos
29º Colegio Amor de Deus
75º Escola Secundaria Ibn Mucana
93º Escola Salesiana de Manique
101º Escola Secundaria de S. Joao do Estoril
123º Escola Secundaria Gonçalo Azevedo
134º Escola Secundaria Cascais

quarta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2012

Nice touristic programm: have surf lessons in Cascais

I had some tourists from northern Europe in Cascais. And, what they wanted to do? not to visit museum and palaces. They wanted to have surf lessons, have hot dogs and enjoy the beach.

Welcome to Moana Surf School in Portugal
Moana Surf School has had students from six to seventy years old. The school is run by Alex who has travelled to many countries surfing and Wavesailing. After 25 years of surfing experience he decided to use his knowledge to run Moana surf school in Portugal. Within its first year Moana surf school was a great success with many students from all over the world, beginners and advanced and also wide ranging age groups. Alex gained most of his teaching experience in Hawaii.
Various articles were printed in newspapers and magazines and Vox Tours from German television included Moana surf school within their Lisbon tourism programme. Moana surf school has also been accepted in the Lonely Planet guide for Portugal since 2003.
Surfing is a great sport and it is the main reason why Alex and the Moana team live in Portugal. Enjoy the website please and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Click here for information about wetsuit and board hire
Guincho beach is an ideal beach to learn to surf and also for advanced surfers. Click here to view photos of the beach
Guincho and the surrounding area offers lots of activities apart from surfing such as kite boarding, wavesailing or flat water sailing and mountain biking around the Sintra mountain trails.....if the surf goes flat or it is too windy for you there is always something to do. For those who have some energy left and want some night life there is plenty on offer in Cascais and in Lisbon. Take a look at for other activities.

segunda-feira, 8 de outubro de 2012

Portugal ganha seis "óscares" do turismo europeu e vence no golfe e praias

Portugal ganha seis "óscares" do turismo europeu e vence no golfe e praias

Paulo Bento e a Selecçao de Futebol: solidarios com Africa

O selecionador nacional não faltou à 2.ª edição da Corrida Solidária Internacional Helpo, realizada em Cascais.

Paulo Bento (ao centro) e restante equipa técnica da Seleção vestiram a camisola nesta iniciativa onde todos os participantes correram contra a pobreza.

Episódio n.º34 - Cinco Sentidos - Magazines - RTP Gustavo Lima sobre Cascais

Episódio n.º34 - Cinco Sentidos - Magazines - RTP

Nesta entrevista a Gustavo Lima, fica demonstrada a paixão por Cascais e os argumentos que levam Gustavo Lima a afirmar que Cascais é o melhor local do mundo para morar. Veja a reportagem.

terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012

Apostar nos eventos na Baía de Cascais - Economia - DN

Apostar nos eventos - Economia - DN

Penso que a baía de Cascais é um palco ótimo para eventos relacionados com vela, surf e outros desportos", diz.
Além do aproveitamento da costa, o velejador ressalva o facto de os mesmos chamarem mais pessoas a desportos menos conhecidos. "Já agora podíamos aproveitar que temos aqui [em Cascais] um dos melhores campos de regata do mundo e fazer um centro de alto rendimento", sugere.

segunda-feira, 1 de outubro de 2012

Glamorous Estoril

A lovely day in Cascais bay, in a motor boat

This weekend was fabulous. A friend invited us to go cruising on his motor boat. How nice. And then, having time to swim in the bay. The temperature of the water was nice. An no wind. We have to do it more often. Would you like to have, also, this weekend program in Cascais?