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terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

Chris and Jenny will choose Portugal to live. Watch the interview!

Live here buy this - Portugal Property Published on 19 Oct, 2012 by Keely Capel

Live here buy this - Portugal Property
"I could sunbathe here all day long!"
See our operations director David Rowat showing Jenny & Chris around the sunny shores of Portugal & Lagos... 

Video Transcription

Dave: Chris and Jenny are the life of the party.
Chris: Want these ones? We are definitely party people.
Jenny: We are definitely... definitely party people.
Chris:  As long as there' some atmosphere of having to jam – we're there.
Jenny: We're there.
Dave: Think they like dressing like this?
Jenny: No.
Dave: They'd love to move to Portugal, the Florida Keys or the South of France, and we're going to show them that they can afford it.
Chris: I think our favor would be...
Jenny: No!
Chris: Why?
Jenny: We could walk to the beach. Really, Chris, come on. Think about it.
Dave:  Can they get their dream for $650,000?
Jenny:  I just don't get that burst of energy when I'm there.
Shantelle: Ever fantasize about selling your house and moving to your dream location?
Dave:  We're three globe-trotting guides who will show you that you can afford to live in paradise.
Vivianne: Would you be tempted to live here?
Shantelle: To live here?
Dave: To live here?
Vivianne: And buy this?
Dave: Fun-loving couple, Jenny and Chris, are finding the party atmosphere's lacking on their quiet cul-de-sac.
Chris: I would say life's too predictable over here.
Jenny: Same routine every day – so mundane, and there's nothing to do.
Chris: I think got the “winter blues.”
Dave: Home is a beautiful three-bedroom, two-bath, 2,700 square foot house in suburban Toronto, valued at a cool $650,000. They might be lacking in excitement, but it's a trade-off for all that style and space.
Jenny: Chris and I were thinking about doing something a little formal, so having... We are definitely...
Chris: We are definitely party people.
Jenny: Definitely party people, yeah. We're usually the ones throwing the function, basically what it comes down to, but...
Chris: Right.
Jenny ... as much as we love our family and friends, I'm just sick and tired of the “same old” around here.
Dave: If these two could trade in the “same old” for something new, what would be on their wish list?
Jenny: We do like to enjoy the latest restaurant, we love eating, we love drinking. I just want something easy-breezy. I want to be able to wear my flip-flops for dinner...
Chris: Casual lifestyle.
Jenny: Definitely. Having a space that we can entertain is very important for us. [00:02:00] As long as there's good flow to the room, I'm happy.
Chris: Small or big – it doesn't matter. As long as there's some atmosphere of having to jam, we're there.
Jenny: You're there? We would definitely want to pick up and just go somewhere warm where we don't have to wear winter coats and shovel...
Chris: Hot. Not warm, hot. Give us a beach, a cocktail and I'd say we're both happy.
Jenny: We're good.
Chris: Good to go.
Dave: Sounds like they know exactly what they want, and they know where they'll find it, too.
Jenny: I would love to live in Portugal. I enjoy the food, I enjoy the people. What more can you ask for?
Chris: Ah, sweetheart. There's times where I do fantasize of the Florida Keys. It's got everything we're looking for.
Jenny: I've dreamed about the South of France – the lifestyle, the people, soaking up the sun, the restaurants, all the great food. The French have this “Joie de vivre” that I would love to be a part of.
Chris and Jenny: Oui-oui.
Dave: Jenny and Chris would trade their home for one that's the same price if it were close to a beach and nightlife, had a casual vibe, and room for entertaining.
In this episode, two of our globe-trotting guides, Shantelle and Vivianne, will show them what the value of their house can buy in their fantasy locations. Up first – the sunny shores of Southern Portugal.
Chris: Portugal.
Jenny: Cool. My “motherland.”
Chris: Let's see what we have.
Jenny: I love that.
Chris: That's the beach I'm looking for.
Shantelle: This is Lagos, the seaside town that people dream about, so it's the perfect place to just kick back and relax. You can party all night long, and then just lounge out here on the beach by day. Come on... you know you can get used to this.
Chris: You know, we can.
Shantelle: It's hard to believe that this quiet neighborhood is just a cobblestone's throw away from the city center, and with help from local realtor David Rowat, we're going to be able to see two of the towns best deals.
Dave: This townhouse is larger than Chris and Jenny's place, but to get all this space, they'll have to compromise and be a little farther away from the heart of the action in town.
Jenny: That's a big house.
David Rowat: See what I mean about the villa? Huge huh? [00:04:00] Look at this space.
Shantelle: Oh, now you have tons of space to entertain family and friends in here. This is great.
Jenny: I like it – I just don't love it, but I mean...
Chris: It needs your touch.
Jenny: It does.
David Rowat: Look, we're in a bit of the countryside.
Shantelle: Gorgeous. You really feel like you're secluded in this area.
David Rowat: Wow, huh? Look at the size of the kitchen.
Shantelle: Oh, this is really lovely.
Chris: The kitchen looks like it's been updated.
Jenny: Yeah, it's nice. I like it. Kind of reminds us of home.
David Rowat: Let's go and look at the terrace.
Shantelle: OK, sure. Oh, this is nice out here. It's fabulous.
Jenny: I like how there is an outside eating option close to the kitchen.
Dave: When relaxing on the patio becomes too much of a good thing, the buzz of Lagos is a quick drive away.
Shantelle: What?
David Rowat: What do you think? It's fantastic.
Shantelle:  It's fantastic.
David Rowat: Look at the private terrace.
Shantelle:  Gorgeous, and this is like a wall of window.
Jenny: The view is great.
Chris: Can you see yourself there, reading...?
Jenny: I could... you know.
Chris: … a little book there, right?
Jenny: I could see myself there.
David Rowat: You really get a good idea of where you are. You've got the sea, the beach, and then the marina's just a few minutes walk as well.
Chris: When I think of living in Europe, that's kind of the fantasy I picture – something like this.
Shantelle:  Oh wow!
David Rowat: Yeah?
Shantelle:  Look at this. This is like a retreat out here.
David Rowat: It's wonderful, huh?
Shantelle:  I'd love the lifestyle here.
Porto de Mós is a quiet getaway along the coast, just minutes from the city. The rugged cliffs make for a beautiful backdrop, but it's actually the gorgeous beaches nearby, and the affordable properties that make people want to move here.
Dave: This next property is the same size as Jenny and Chris's house. They'll be sacrificing the space of the country house they just saw, but the resort lifestyle might be worth downsizing for.
Shantelle: This is beautiful. Very nice.
David Rowat: We come now into the lounge area, which benefits from the sunshine all day long.
Jenny: Great balcony outside there so your friends can come in and out.
David Rowat: The good thing here is the location, because you're just two minutes away from the beach, two minutes away from the town, and on-site, we've got everything. Here we have the kitchen.
Shantelle:  This is cute.
David Rowat: Yeah, it's nice.
Dave: OK, this kitchen's tiny compared to Jenny and Chris's kitchen at home, but here's the trade-off – two terraces on two levels. This home's draw is all about the casual outdoor lifestyle.
David Rowat: As you can see the football pitch there, which has regular events on with people playing football.
Shantelle:   You mean the soccer field, right?
David Rowat: Yeah, soccer. Yeah.
Shantelle:   That's what we call it.
Jenny: Mateo can play soccer.
Chris: So he goes from hockey here, to playing soccer in Europe.
Jenny: That's great.
David Rowat: Shantelle, this is the quite large size for a second bedroom.
Shantelle:  That is a great size.
David Rowat: Here's the master bedroom.
Shantelle:  This view – this is exactly what I love about this property.
David Rowat: It's fantastic.
Jenny: It's great. You're waking up in the morning and that's what you're going to see every day. Can't go wrong.
David Rowat: Right outside at last. Look at the size of the terrace.
Shantelle:  Oh wow. It's huge out here.
Chris: What I like about it is it seems like a lot of space to entertain outside.
David Rowat: You know what's absolutely unique about this resort? The swimming pool has it's own beach area.
Shantelle:  No way.
David Rowat: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nothing else like it in Portugal.
Shantelle:  That's very cool.
David Rowat: It's fantastic for the really young children, you know?
Shantelle:  Yeah. I have to do it. I have to do it. Oh, it's amazing.
Chris: I want to put my feet in there, too.
Dave: It may not be a conventional beach, but it's won Jenny and Chris over.
Shantelle:  I would just sunbathe here all day long, with a martini in one hand.
David Rowat: Let me go and get you one.
Shantelle:  Oh good, you make drinks too.
Dave: In Lagos, Jenny and Chris can get a lot for the price of their $650,000 home. Will they go for the spacious villa that's a little further from the action, or the smaller resort-style townhouse?
Chris: It would have to be the villa with the pool.
Jenny: Yes, buddy! We could entertain really easily there. It was huge, actually. Beyond spacious, but I cannot believe that we actually chose the same thing. I knew I married you for a reason. - property for sale in Portugal with Portugal's largest real estate agency - If you love Portugal you will love Portugal Property. Contact the team via email at: or call free now on +44 (0) 800 014 8201

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