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terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2013

Take some days off, at the French Riviera - Cap Ferrat

luxury hotel cote d azur

Finally a moment of total relax. I spent a long weekend in South of France in one of the classiest places I have ever seen: the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat.
France and its service industry are famous for having an air of superiority, so when you ask a particular service to the concierge or a waiter, not always the reaction is as welcoming as you would expect. This attitude is often unjustified, but in this particular place is not the case: the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat is like a royal property.
This beautiful property on the sea shore between Nice and Monaco combines the majesty of sumptuous history with modern class. Opened in 1908, this luxury hotel saw guests of international and historical calibre, such as Presidents Deschanel and Titulesco, Princess Louise, Queen Victoria’s daughter the Duchess of Argyll, and such famous artists as Charles Boyer, Jacques Thibaud, Alfred Cortot and Marguerite Long.
Prized by several awards, it’s SPA won “Best Spa in Europe” by the Villegiature Award: a very remarkable prize given the large choice of resorts Europe has to offer.
It’s outdoors gym got me inspired, as I have worked out overlooking the blue sea and breathing the fresh pine air.
The luxury hotel on the French riviera is surrounded by  7 hectares of unspoiled natural surroundings, and you can take long walks along the seashore in complete calm and undisturbed by the presence of too many tourists.
The place has several restaurants, and of course a Michelin-starred chef, Didier Anies, does his magic in one of them.
If you want calm, class and absolute French sumptuousness you are in the right hotel.

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