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quinta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2011

Cascais hosts the world presentation of the electric cars from Renault.

The presentation to the press started on September 29 and lasts until mid-November, with vehicles traveling between Lisbon (Airport) and Cascais (Hotel Onyria). Journalists from around the world will perform the first tests of the dynamic driving electric versions of the familiar Fluence and Kangoo passenger van.
According to the magazine “The fact that Portugal has a network of charging stations for fueling stations for electric cars was decisive for the choice of Renault benefit our country.”
In all, about 70 cars provided for a total of 720 journalists from around the world. According to Matador Records Bulletin, more than 40 nationalities of journalists in Portugal, which include, in addition to all the nations of Western Europe and most of Eastern Europe, other countries far away as Australia, India, China, Singapore , Israel, Russia, Morocco, Algeria, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

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