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segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2012

Portugal and Spain : "Owners" of the New World AGAIN !

Spain and Portugal Cooperate in New Discoveries Kenneth Laing

Spain and Portugal Cooperate in New Discoveries
Both Spain and Portugal have rich histories of discovering new lands and a new joint venture between the two counties will highlight these discoveries. The “European Route of Discoveries” is a project that shows the history of navigation and discovery that is shared by both countries,
During the 15th and 16th centuries, both Portugal and Spain were responsible for exploring many parts of the world. The countries led expeditions to places that had never been seen by Europeans, which led to the Age of Discovery that we know today. The idea behind this partnership is that visitors can explore the history of these expeditions and even follow along the routes taken by these explorers.
The initial expedition that left Portugal headed for the African coast. This was the first of many expeditions into the unknown, which is why it is highlighted by this project. Likewise, Spain is well known for its discoveries as well, with many popular starting points being found up and down the Spanish coast. The goal of the governments of both countries is to show these historical locations and make them available to people for decades to come.
The ports where these famous expeditions left from is a large part of this cooperation, as there are museums and tourist activities set up in these locations. The two countries being able to work together and coordinate these museums and activities is important for visitors who travel up and down the coast on this route. This is of particular importance for people who travel the European coast by boat, as they can stop at these historic locations along the way.
You can even find replica boats in some of these ports. These replicas look just like the boats that were used during this time period, which adds to the atmosphere when you explore Spanish and Portuguese history. While it is impossible to go back in time and experience what the explorers did, this is the next best thing because it recreates as much of the atmosphere at possible.
The European Discoveries Route is being financed by both the Portuguese and Spanish governments. The two governments are coming up with 75 percent of the money needed to get this project off the ground. This is important because it recognizes the joint history of the two countries and shows that they are willing to work together to bring tourists into the region.
The project also has cooperation from the tourism departments of both Seville and Algarve, in addition to the towns of Lagos, Vila do Bispo, and Cadiz and Huelva. With so many different cities and organizations working hard on this project, it should successfully tell the story of discoveries by these two countries over the years.
Although the project will not be completed until 2013, certain aspects have already been set up and are available to see. Visitors can visit by boat or by land, as the museums are constructed in the ports of the famous departure points in both countries. - Portugal real estate agency - If you love Portugal you will love Portugal Property. Contact the team via email at: or call free now on +44 (0) 800 014 8201

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