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sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2015

A brief glimpse into Cascais

We try to visit the Lisbon area at least once a year, often staying somewhere along the coast and we always have a great time. Last weekend, we had a short wander around the town of Cascais where we stayed at the Farol Boutique Hotel. We took a few photos as we went. The town is full of beautiful architecture, places of historical significance, coastal beauty and pretty streets. I’d definitely recommend it as a place to visit if you’re ever in or around the Lisbon area. Here is a brief glimpse into Cascais…
Pretty beach
Cascais 4
Cascais stalls
Cascais 6
Street scene
Colourful street
Historical statue
Crazy paving
Main beach
Another statue
There are many fabulous hotels to choose from in the area as well as countless restaurants to eat local, and not so local, food. It’s a really pretty tourist spot – perfect in season or out. I actually prefer it out of season because I’m not so great with hoards of people!
The beginning of November was perfect – even though we had some rain, it was still quite warm and there were even people swimming in the pool at our hotel, as well as loads of surfers riding the waves nearby.
Shopping is fabulous in this area – not only are there some really cute little boutiques scattered throughout the town, there are also some big shopping malls not too far away… which is where I can usually be found 😉
The train station is within easy walking distance of the town centre where you can hop onto a train and travel into Lisbon itself. It’s the perfect getaway!

Suzy x

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