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segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2013

Cascais: One of the Best Property Spots in Portugal, by Colm Wilkinson

Cascais: One of the Best Property Spots in PortugalPublished on 19 Jan, 2013 by  / 

Cascais: One of the Best Property Spots in Portugal
A number of reputable European publications classify Cascais as one of the best spots for Portuguese property purchase. The coastal city is exceptionally trendy and peaceful. Additionally, its long coastline and the relatively small distance from Lisbon turn it into the perfect vacation real estate spot.
The Cascais property market is experiencing constant growth for a reason. According to The Independent, Cascais is the Portuguese answer to the coastal city of Brighton.

Main Characteristics

A property purchase in the Cascais region has to take into consideration the local specifics. Here is why Cascais property is considered one of the best options.
Cascais is a small city located 30 kilometers away from Lisbon. The number of residents is 35,000 and the town is considered one of the richest and most luxurious Portuguese residential spots. Initially a fishermen’s town, Cascais saw transformation when the royal family decided to choose it as a vacation spot in the 19th century.
Some people may feel concerned at this point that Cascais property is unaffordable but the truth is that the local real estate market is starting to get truly diversified. Cascais has an opportunity available for every budget and preference. The beautiful landscape and the vast range of properties for sale are actually determining for Cascais’ popularity.

Benefits of Buying Property in Cascais

Cascais is a luxurious seaside resort that lacks the superficiality and pretentiousness of other vacation real estate hotspots. The Portuguese government has invested in the local infrastructural development, as well as the Cascais property promotion. These efforts seem to be paying off.
One of the main benefits of buying property in Cascais is the guaranteed return of investment. The town is conveniently located near Lisbon, it is easily accessible and it is a vacation hotspot. Many real estate agents predict that the cost of real estate will continue growing in the years to come, despite of the financial crisis affecting most of Europe.
The resort is still peaceful enough, yet it features a number of entertainment and fun opportunities. It has the beaches, it has sports and the golf tourism sector is currently experiencing unprecedented growth. The fact that the government is interested in regional development indicates that Cascais will be offering even better vacation and lifestyle conditions in the future.
The bottom line is that Cascais is a perfectly safe real estate investment option. The popularity of the area among the local community and among foreign buyers is expected to continue growing in the future, which will affect resale value and the possibility of generating a passive income from a decision to rent.
Buying property in Cascais is an easy task. Many options are available and potential buyers will discover various real estate offers at

Fashionable and Trendy

According to The Independent, Cascais has its character and unique atmosphere that determine the popularity of the vacation spot. A wonderful mix of local residents and expats creates diversity, which drives even more buyers to the area.
Cascais is a place for the fashionable and the ones that want to experience luxury without all the negatives of popular and expensive resorts. Low cost options are available, as well, for the people that want to experience the place without bonuses like a seaside view or a swimming pool on the property.
Apart from having the beaches, Cascais is guaranteeing their quality. In 2011, the resort won the biggest number of blue flags among all of the Portuguese coastal cities. The resort won a total of 12 blue flags, a symbol of excellence and quality of the water and the beach. It is still unaffected by the problems that haunt other popular vacation hotspot like overcrowding and pollution.
Individuals that are interested in the purchase of Portuguese vacation property should definitely give Cascais a try. The resort brags a number of advantages, although some may consider it way too expensive. Cheap real estate is available, as well, and the number of offers is on the rise. Needless to say, the investment will be worth it, regardless of the size and the specific location of the Cascais property.

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