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sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012

Businessmen from the Emirates prefer Cascais. And fly, directly to Lisbon, on Emirates airlines.

In my business routine, I have to deal with businessmen from around the world. Now, I'm trying to complete a deal with a company from the United Arab Emirates. The meeting will be near Lisbon ( about one hour drive, north of Lisbon) but our guests came with a specific idea. They wanted to spend the night  in Cascais. Nice, good taste! . But  they were more specific. If possible, they would like us to book them at the Fortaleza do Guincho Hotel.
Of course that it will be a pleasure to have them in Cascais and to know that our region is well known, and appreciated,  in the Emirates.
Is this the result of the new direct flight of Emirates airlines Dubai- Lisbon, that started in July 9th?

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